Dear valued customer,

My name is Chantale Robinson, owner and operator of R.P.T. Casting and Consulting. It is with excitement and professionalism that I welcome you to our website.

Since 2004 we have been providing a unique and innovative service to the movie and television industry. We have developed a system that has two primary objectives in mind: Help Production save time and money and help the actor invest their time to make money. We have come to understand and refine the monumental task involved in finding actors that fit a particular role, police equipment that is as specialized as the actor that is using it and tactical operators that can portray Real Police Tactics in a cost effective way.

R.P.T. employs its own consultants and we own an extensive selection of duty equipment, uniforms and patrol vehicles. We coordinate our own precision drivers, special-skill actors and SWAT team. We have reliable partners such as l'Union Des Artistes and Emploi Québec that share the same vision and values that we do.

As industry professionals we have a profound respect for the international crime fighting community and other emergency response professions. This is why we provide credible tactics while not divulging professional secrets that could place serving personnel in danger. Our services and training are not designed for the real-world; we entrust that risk to our heroes everywhere.

As a Montreal-based firm we are your local "one stop shop" providing personal and professional attention to your needs. Our former police, paramedic, firefighting and military consultants have 165 years of combined experience and are ready to share their expertise with regards to your next police movie.

Feel free to contact me at any time. I am available to answer any questions you may have. If you ask… chances are we can deliver. Browse the website and see for yourself.