Welcome our Tactical Photography Response Unit. This team means serious business. Like our proud Canadian Special Operations Force Command, we share the same vision. “We Will Find A way”. There is nothing this elite group of operators recruited from around the world can’t achieve. Our select few members have diversified backgrounds and unique special skills second to none. They are; multi-lingual, international undercover operators, British Paratroopers, Counter terrorism specialists, Canadian JTF2 Assaulters, Elite Police Emergency Response Members, Bomb Disposal Experts and Snipers. Some are still serving while others have retired but are still active contractors. We work closely with industry professionals to provide the highest degree of training, equipment and tactical advice. Many of our consultants are Full ACTRA Members.

The R.P.T. Boot-Camp is truly the end-all, be-all of team building experiences. This program is designed for youth ranging from 12 to 19 whom are having a hard time in school or at home, experiencing life challenges or just feel an overall lack of direction and motivation. Our motto here is just like the one used by British Special Forces "DARE TO WIN". Mentorship for adults and groups is also available on a one to one basis and or upon request. This course can be tailored to all fitness levels and desired outcomes. It is meant to motivate and demonstrate to the applicant how strong your body can really be. It is a hard but rewarding course. This is not a TV show where we will be yelling and screaming at you, our aim is to show you how resilient you really are when your mind, body and heart work together to overcome obstacles. Come alone or in groups to experience a little taste of "Special Operations”. Wether you envision a future in a paramilitary career or want to team-build with your co-workers and friends, come develop your skills. The course includes firearms training, survival skills, leadership fundamentals, self discovery drills and much much more. Our instructors are all recruited from the Law Enforcement and the Special Forces Community. Come discover your true potential.

Training is offered in all three disciplines by current or former operatives of the police, firefighting and paramedic community. Courses are made up of three instructors and twelve students at a time. Courses are held two to four times per year for a forty-five hour course curriculum. One on one coaching is also available upon request. We encourage production agencies to involve us from the start of any project so that we may identify precise casting requirements and equipment needs.

Our repertoire of actors includes more than 65 special-skill professionals that have been trained in collaboration with l’Union des artistes and Emploi Québec. This pilot project started because we wanted to give actors a fighting chance when auditioning for roles involving emergency response personnel. Our special-skill actors provide credible action in the following fields; the patrol officer, the detective, the homicide investigator, the correctional officer, the prison guard, the patrol driver, the sniper, the drug investigator, secret service and more. Click on our individual actors for casting possibilities and please note that we are not limited to these actors and will work with you to ensure your casting requirements are met.

Although this is not our primary mandate, we do rent police and other related field equipment such as replica firearms, handcuffs, Canadian and American police uniforms, duty belts and holsters, dummy rounds of all types and police vehicles with emergency light bars and more. Our industry partners have over twenty-five years of experience in the field of military and police equipment rental. They are our most valued resources and equipment consultants.

Our S.W.A.T. team is made up of six special-skill actors with past experience in law-enforcement and S.W.A.T. training. All of our S.W.A.T. operations equipment is the best the industry can provide. Our official sponsors and business partners ensure that we are in possession of the best tools currently used in the police and military fields.

Technical advisors are offered in all three disciplines by current or former operatives of the police, firefighting and paramedic community. Ensure the continuity and credibility of your scenes using one of our experts; our on-set consultants will ensure the success of your production.

We also provide skilled stunt workers for scenes involving precision driving for emergency response vehicles, building rappelling or free rappelling from towers and cranes, falls and more