Andre S. Rossin-Arthiat is the Chief Firearms Instructor for RPT Casting and Consulting. He is a certified firearms instructor (pistol, shotgun, and rifle) as well as a tactical instructor in defensive tactics, tactical handcuffing, MEB expandable baton, PR-24 and Verbal Diffusion Tactics (VDT). He is also an active rescue fire-paramedic for the city of Montreal. He teaches Basic and Advanced First Aid, CPR, AED and Wilderness and Tactical Medicine on a contractual basis to police officers, private security and trekking guides. Andre has been a UDA member since 2008.

Dominic Ranger obtained his paramedic degree at Ahuntsic College in 2001 and in 2004 completed his Officer Training Course level 1 in Fire Safety and Prevention. He also obtained his DEP at l'Institut de protection contre les incendies du Québec (I.P.I.Q.) in 2007.

He is currently a Lieutenant with Les Cèdres Fire Service and a firefighter with the city of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Dominic is so committed to saving lives that he is also a paramedic with the Coopérative des employés techniciens ambulanciers de la Montérégie (CETAM) since 2001 and an instructor for l'École nationale des pompiers du Québec (E.N.P.Q) since 2008.

Finally, since 2004 he has been the primary Paramedic Rescue and Firefighting instructor for RPT Casting and Consulting. He has trained over 75 actors both at the private coaching level and with students provided by l'Union des Artistes du Québec.

Carl Lemay has a very diverse background marked with a strong desire for challenges. His years of working for private security agencies have allowed him to master handcuffing, PR24 and PPCT (pressure point control tactics) as well as given him opportunities to participate in investigations and filatures. Carl has also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantryman.

In 2002, he joined a team of medical first responders operating in the vicinity of Montreal. In 2004, Carl was recruited to become a firefighter and since then has acquired qualifications as a pump and ladder operator. Because of his knowledge and experience, Carl is a key player for RPT Casting and Consulting.

Kim-Du Trinh has over 25 years of experience in martial arts. She was North American Karate Champion, Canadian Taekwondo Champion and 2nd in the world in Savate (French kickboxing). She also has kung-fu and martial arts weapons training. She has been a martial arts instructor for many years and also conducts fight workshops for actors. Her start in the business as a stunt performer has positioned her well for her current acting career. She is an ACTRA and UDA member. Kim-Du is our primary martial arts and fight consultant.

Félix Famelart is one of the first stunt performers to introduce the art of motorcycle stunt driving to the film industry in Canada. With over seventeen years of experience including thousands of hours of closed circuit competition racing, Félix one of Canada's BEST motorcycle stunt action performer. He started his stunt career by performing tricks during shows and promotional events.  He is widely know in Québec and around the world for his fine piloting skills and founder of the first motorcycle stunt school in Eastern Canada, WWW.WHEELIESCHOOL.CA

Félix is our primary consultant and motorcycle stunt performer for RPT Consultations.  He regularly performs for Provincial infomercials, T.V. shows and Hollywood films.

Born in New York to French parents, he grew up in Switzerland, an idyllic setting that inspired him to pursue a creative career in design. After studying design and photography at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France, and earning a Master's degree in design at Concordia University in Montréal, his first job was as a designer in a print studio. His interest in interactive design began when he joined Sid Lee in 2005 in Montréal. As someone who is extremely passionate and who thrives on new challenges and experiences, he was soon promoted to art director in the interactive department. But at the same time, he quickly developed a passion and skills in the field of identity and print design. Many projects with Cirque du Soleil, Eidos, Ubisoft... allowed him to venture into this field and thus choose to work at Ubisoft since 2012 as art director. Whether in interactive or print, he has always been driven to push himself to the limit and to constantly explore new artistic areas. Tactical videos and photography is another passion of his which not only helps him broaden his creative horizons but also offers him greater insight and expertise into his chosen career as an art director.