R.P.T. Casting and Consulting was founded in 2004 after several partners within the industry noticed that there was a missing link between the needs of the production and the acting community. Only a few Canadian businesses understood the logistical endeavor required to produce credible police scenes, re-enactments, and scenes involving special weapons and tactics. More often than not, the production would resort to using police officers on active duty to save time and money because they are trained, they have their own uniforms and gun, and look the part.

However, the by-product of this approach results in taking away much needed income from the aspiring actor. Although real police officers are sometimes needed, we prefer enlisting our trained actors first. R.P.T. Casting and Consulting trains its own actors to deliver REAL POLICE TACTICS for the production.

Our team of consultants and special-skill actors deliver the "action" requested of them but also recognize the needs of the entire production, including those of the director and director of photography, costume designer, sound technician, and so on. Scenes involving police are often accompanied by paramedics and firefighters hence we also provide special-skill actors and equipment in these two complementary fields.

Our repertoire of actors includes more than 65 special-skill professionals that have been trained in collaboration with l’Union des artistes and Emploi Québec. This pilot project started because we wanted to give actors a fighting chance when auditioning for roles involving emergency response personnel. In 2009, we created our Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.) designed to fulfill another very real need for versatility, credibility and time saving solutions.

We are ready to serve and travel if we must… Our code is "Actors First".

Our vision is to provide the highest quality of special-skill actors and equipment to the production in order to ensure cost-effective operations while maintaining the credibility of the scene.

We promote equal opportunities for actors of all backgrounds, races and gender while helping the production make the right casting choice for a specific role.

We work continuously in a state of readiness. We are a progressive, innovative and proactive team.

We promote honest and bilateral communication to ensure the production needs are understood and that this professionalism is conveyed all the way to the big screen.